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Table 5 Factors associated with adverse CV eventsin a multivariate Cox regression analysis

From: Duration of type 2 diabetes mellitus and systolic blood pressure as determinants of severity of coronary stenosis and adverse events in an asymptomatic diabetic population: PROCEED study

Model N Variable Hazard ratio (95% CI) p value
1a 250 Duration of T2DM (per 5 years) 1.35 (1.05–1.74) 0.02
CAC score (per log10 AU) 2.32 (1.12–4.81) 0.02
2b 234 Number of 50% plaquesc 1.17 (1.01–1.36) 0.04
Number of plaquesc 1.19 (1.03–1.37) 0.02
SBP (per 10 mm Hg) 1.04 (1.0–1.08) 0.05
  1. Italics indicate a statistically significant association between the predictor variable and adverse CV events
  2. AU, Agatston units; CAC, coronary artery calcium; CI, confidence interval; CV, cardiovascular; SBP, systolic blood pressure; T2DM, type 2 diabetes mellitus
  3. aPatients with CAC score data who were available for safety follow-up
  4. bPatients with CTCA data who were available for safety follow-up
  5. cAnalysis excludes the 20 patients with CAC score > 1000 who did not undergo CTCA