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Table 3 Mentioned/reported use of SMBG in CVOTs

From: PDM-ProValue meets cardiovascular outcome trials in diabetes

  SMBG reported on SMBG mentioned in clinical study protocol SMBG results reported in final publication
DPP-4 inhibitors
SAVOR-TIMI No (NCT01107886) Yes No (6)
EXAMINE No (NCT00968708) No No (7)
TECOS No (NCT00790205) No No (8)
CARMELINA No (NCT01897532) Yes No (9)
SGLT-2 inhibitors
EMPA-REG OUTCOME No (NCT01131676) Yes No (15)
CANVAS No (NCT01032629) Yes No (16)
DECLARE-TIMI 58 No (NCT01730534) No No (17)
GLP-1 receptor agonist
ELIXA No (NCT01147250) Yes No (10)
SUSTAIN-6 No (NCT01720446) No No (12)
LEADER No (NCT01179048) Yes No (11)
EXCSEL No (NCT01144338) Not determined No (13)
Harmony outcomes No (NCT02465515) No No (14)
DEVOTE No (NCT01959529) Yes Yes (19)