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Fig. 1

From: Association between serum haptoglobin and carotid arterial functions: usefulness of a targeted metabolomics approach

Fig. 1

Serum haptoglobin levels and common carotid inter-adventitial diameter in T2DM patients. T2DM type 2 diabetes mellitus, Hp haptoglobin. Dot plot a shows a comparison of serum Hp levels among Hp tertiles, P < 0.0001. Dot plot b shows a comparison of common carotid artery inter-adventitial diameter levels among Hp tertiles, P = 0.0090. P values were determined by one-way analysis of variance. The Hp and carotid artery inter-adventitial diameter levels are shown in dot plots; the mean is indicated by the middle black solid line. The 95% confidence intervals are shown by the bottom and top black solid lines, respectively

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