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Table 4 Regression analysis of the influence of the increased polyhedrocytes content in blood clots of T2D (increase by 1%)

From: Polyhedrocytes in blood clots of type 2 diabetic patients with high cardiovascular risk: association with glycemia, oxidative stress and platelet activation

Variable Estimated change of the variable Standard error p-value R2 (%)
TBARS, nmol/mL 0.14 0.037 0.0018 41.0
Total PC plasma, nmol/mg 0.012 0.0028 0.0005 48.2
P-selectin, ng/mL 0.13 0.059 0.048 19.0
PF4, ng/mL 0.38 0.15 0.019 25.7
  1. R2 represents the coefficient that is a measure of fitting the model
  2. PF4 platelet factor 4, TBARS thiobarbituric acid reactive substances, total PC plasma, total protein carbonyl in plasma