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Fig. 4

From: Canagliflozin attenuates the progression of atherosclerosis and inflammation process in APOE knockout mice

Fig. 4

Atherosclerotic plaque extension among APOE(−/−) mice on western diet treated with canagliflozin (Cana-group) or vehicle (control-group). a Selected 4 μm section images from the aortic root stained with H&E and Masson trichrome. Formation of atherosclerotic plaque was examined using H&E staining while histological examination of atherosclerotic plaque collagen content was assessed using Masson trichrome staining. b Quantification of plaque area is shown as a percentage of lumina stenosis by thickened intima. Collagen content was measured using quantification of Masson trichrome positive area over complete plaque area. Values are shown as mean ± SD and *P < 0.05. Original magnification ×40. H&E indicates hematoxylin and eosin

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