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Table 2 Experimentally validated miRNA:mRNA targets in HUVECs

From: Glucose-sensing microRNA-21 disrupts ROS homeostasis and impairs antioxidant responses in cellular glucose variability

Gene Binding location Regulation Pathways/functions
CSTB chr21:43774214–43774239 Down Immune system (reactome)
EIF5 chr14:103342859–103342887; chr14:103336755–103336777 Down RNA transport (KEGG)
Gene expression (reactome)
IQGAP1 chr15:90492649–90492672; chr15:90482260–90482275 Down Proteoglycans in cancer (KEGG)
Adherence junction (KEGG)
Cell–cell communication (reactome)
KLF7 chr2:207088518–207088545 Down Adipogenesis
MAPRE1 chr20:32833787–32833796 Down Organelle (KEGG)
MARCKSL1 chr1:32334564–32334592 Down Fc-gamma R-mediated
MCAM chr11:119310410–119310423 Down Adhesion
MDN1 chr6:89718909–89718936 Down Ribosome biogenesis (KEGG)
PWP1 chr12:107688737–107688759 Down
RHOB chr2:20449368–20449389 Down Axon guidance (KEGG)
SNAP29 chr22:20890084–20890104 Down Membrane trafficking (reactome)
SNN* chr16:11678992–11679013 Down
TNFRSF10B chr8:23020409–23020435 Down p53 signalling pathway (KEGG)
ZBTB38 chr3:141444493–141444514 Down
ZFYVE20 (also RBSN) chr3:15096210–15096236 Down Endocytosis (KEGG)
  1. For * SNN gene, no data are reported, but SNN interacts with YWHAZ and YWHAB genes of both “Hippo signalling pathway” (not reported in table) and “Cell cycle” of the related predicted KEGG pathways