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Fig. 2

From: Non-culprit plaque characteristics in acute coronary syndrome patients with raised hemoglobinA1c: an intravascular optical coherence tomography study

Fig. 2

Representative cross-sectional OCT images. a, b and c Demonstrate lipid core and minimal fibrous cap thickness of patients with the NA1c, RA1c and DM, respectively. The arc of the lipid core was characterized by a signal-poor region and a diffuse border was measured, the thinnest part (arrows) of the fibrous cap identified as a signal-rich homogenous region overlying a lipid core (*) was measured. d The calcification (**) present in a patient with RA1c. e The macrophages in a patient with DM. f The calcification (**) in a patient with DM, disruption can also be seen (arrow). DM diabetes mellitus, NA1c normal hemoglobinA1c, RA1c raised hemoglobinA1c

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