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Table 4 Correlations between circulating vaspin, resistin, and visfatin levels and other parameters related to metabolism and inflammation in elderly patients with T2DM after adjustment for hs-CRP

From: Circulating levels of adipose tissue-derived inflammatory factors in elderly diabetes patients with carotid atherosclerosis: a retrospective study

  Statistic TG WHR BMI HOMA-IR
Vaspin R value 0.731   0.786 0.721
  p value 0.033   0.039 0.036
Resistin R value 0.863   0.712 0.714
  p value 0.029   0.043 0.048
Visfatin R value   0.772 0.828 0.842
  p value   0.045 0.039 0.032
  1. TG triglyceride, HOMA-IR homeostasis model assessment of insulin resistance, BMI body mass index, WHR waist-to-hip ratio