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Table 2 Phyla level microbiota characteristics

From: SGLT2 inhibition via dapagliflozin improves generalized vascular dysfunction and alters the gut microbiota in type 2 diabetic mice

Phyla Db (all) vs Con (all) Db (no dapa) vs Con (no dapa) Db vs Db + dapa Con + dapa vs Db + dapa
Actinobacteria 0.0431 (0.0007) NS NS NS
Bacteroidetes 0.001 (0.0359) 0.0484 (0.0496) NS 0.0053 (0.0519)
Firmicutes 0.0319 (0.0443) NS NS NS
Proteobacteria 0.0006 (0.0015) NS NS 0.0069 (0.0022)
Verrucomicrobia 0.0494 (0.0333) NS NS NS
  1. Data are expressed as p value (SE), NS non-significant; n = 6–10/group. “Db (all) vs Con (all)” indicates interaction between the genotype of Db (diabetic db+/+) and Con (heterozygous db+/−) mice, irrespective of drug treatment; “no dapa” indicates only those mice not receiving the drug within the genotype