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Fig. 1

From: The role of obesity in carotid plaque instability: interaction with age, gender, and cardiovascular risk factors

Fig. 1

Carotid plaque histology. a A stable fibroatheromatous plaque constituted by a large lipidic-necrotic core covered by a thick fibrous cap consisting principally of smooth muscle cells with few macrophages and T lymphocytes (Movat stain, 2×). b A stable plaque consisting mainly of fibrous tissue associated to the presence of calcifications (Movat stain, 2×). c An unstable ulcerated plaque characterized by a large disruption of the fibrous cap whereby the overlying acute thrombosis is in continuity with the underlying necrotic core (Movat stain, 1.5×). d An unstable plaque with an acute thrombus in organization (Movat stain, 4×). Cap fibrous cap, Ath atheroma or lipid necrotic core, Cal calcification, Th acute thrombus

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