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Table 2 Current and potential future strategies to enhance fibrinolysis and reduce thrombosis risk in diabetes

From: Hypofibrinolysis in diabetes: a therapeutic target for the reduction of cardiovascular risk

Modulatory mechanism Current/potential therapeutic strategies
Improve glycaemic control Agents which control blood glucose while avoiding hypoglycaemia
Decrease levels of active TAFI Inhibit activation of TAFI [147151]
Direct TAFIa inhibitors [147151]
Decrease levels of active PAI-1 Inhibition of PAI-1 synthesis [114]
Direct PAI-1 inhibition [114, 148, 156165]
Decrease incorporation of plasmin inhibitor (PI) into the clot Antibodies [167170]
PI mutants [173, 174]
N- and C-terminal peptides of PI [178180]
Inhibition of antiplasmin cleaving enzyme [185]
Decrease incorporation of C3 into the clot Targeted disruption of the fibrinogen-C3 interaction [188]