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Table 2 BP goals in diabetics according to major guidelines

From: Blood pressure control in type 2 diabetic patients

Guidelines NICE [54] ESH/ESC [3, 4] ASH/ISH [2] JNC 8 [1] ADA [6] CHEP [7] IDF [5]
Year published 2011 2013 2014 2014 2016 2016 2012
Blood pressure (mmHg) Not addressed <140/85 <140/90 <140/90 <140/90 <130/80 <130/80
Special considerations Begin treatment if BP > 140/90 mmHg     Systolic BP < 130 mmHg and diastolic BP < 80 may be appropriate for certain individuals with diabetes, such as younger patients, those with albuminuria, and/or those with hypertension and one or more additional atherosclerotic CV disease risk factors, if they can be achieved without undue treatment burden.   <140/90 mmHg in patients 70-80 years old <150/90 mmHg in patients over 80 years old
Recommended initial treatment ACE inhibitor plus either a diuretic or a CCB All classes of antihypertensive agents are recommended. RAAS blockers may be preferred, especially in the presence of proteinuria or microalbuminua ARB or ACE inhibitor. In black patients, it is acceptable to start with a CCB or a thiazide. Thiazide-type diuretic, CCB, ACE inhibitor or ARB ACE inhibitor, ARB ACE inhibitor, ARB in patients with CV or kidney disease, including microalbuminuria, or with CV risk factors In patients without albuminuria, Thiazide-type diuretic, CCB, ACE inhibitor or ARB
  1. NICE, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; ESH/ESC, European Society of Hypertension/European Society of Cardiology; JNC, Joint National Committee; ASH+, American Society of Hypertension; ISH, International Society of Hypertension; ADA, American Diabetes Association; CHEP, Canadian Hypertension Education Program; BP, blood pressure; ACE, angiotensin converting enzyme; CCB, calcium channel blocker; RAS, renin angiotensin system; ARB, angiotensin receptor blocker; BB, beta blocker