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Table 4 Main effects and interaction P values for drug and time analyzed by two-way ANOVA in Experiment III (experiment using radiotelemetry system)

From: Empagliflozin lessened cardiac injury and reduced visceral adipocyte hypertrophy in prediabetic rats with metabolic syndrome

Parameters (figure number) P time P drug P interaction
24 h-averaged SBP (Fig. 7a) <0.01 NS NS
24 h-averaged DBP (Fig. 7a) <0.01 NS <0.01
24 h-averaged heart rate (Fig. 7b) <0.01 NS NS
24 h-averaged locomotor activity (Fig. 7c) <0.01 NS NS
Hourly SBP (Fig. 7d) <0.01 NS NS
Hourly DBP (Fig. 7e) <0.01 NS NS
Hourly heart rate (Fig. 7f) <0.01 NS NS
Hourly locomotor activity (Fig. 7g) <0.01 P < 0.05 NS
LF-SBP (Fig. 8a) <0.01 NS NS
sBRG (Fig. 8b) <0.01 NS NS
LF/HF ratio of PI (Fig. 8c) <0.01 NS NS
  1. SBP systolic blood pressure; DBP diastolic blood pressure; LF low frequency; sBRG spontaneous baroreceptor reflex gain; HF high frequency; PI pulse interval; NS not significant