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Fig. 2

From: Inflammation, glucose, and vascular cell damage: the role of the pentose phosphate pathway

Fig. 2

In the absence of IL1β, glucose overload does not evoke pro-inflammatory responses. a NF-κB activity, determined by electrophoretic mobility shift assay (EMSA), and b iNOS levels, determined by Western blot, in cells exposed to IL1β (10 ng/mL) or sodium azide (0.5 mmol/L), as well as in GLUT1-transfected (GLUT1+) and empty vector (EV)-transfected cells. In each case, the cultures were incubated for 18 h in medium initially containing 5.5 or 22 mmol/L glucose. The gels and blots shown are representative of 4–5 independent experiments. Data are expressed as percentage of the activation or expression produced by IL1β (10 ng/mL) in cells in medium initially containing 5.5 mmol/L glucose *P < 0.05 vs the respective control (c). P < 0.05 vs respective value in 5.5 mmol/L glucose

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