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Table 1 Selected references showing a changed inflammatory marker profile in diabetes type II individuals

From: Poorly controlled type 2 diabetes is accompanied by significant morphological and ultrastructural changes in both erythrocytes and in thrombin-generated fibrin: implications for diagnostics

Inflammatory marker Selected references
Low Protein C [36,42]
High levels of coagulation factors (II, V, VIII, X and von Willebrandt factor) [36,37,43-45]
Increased NOS [46-50]
Increased TNFα [25,51-53]
Increased NFκB [28,54-57]
Increased COX-2 [57-61]
Increased PGE2 [62,63]
Iron (increased serum ferritin levels) [64-89].
Increased interleukin-6 [44,45,53,62,90]
Increased thromboxane A2 [91,92]