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Figure 4 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Figure 4

From: Nestin downregulation in rat vascular smooth muscle cells represents an early marker of vascular disease in experimental type I diabetes

Figure 4

Nestin(+)-VSMCs were actively involved in the cell cycle; impact of type I diabetes. A subpopulation of nestin(+)-VSMCs and nestin(+)-endothelial cells in the (Panel A) carotid artery and (Panel C) aorta arch of normal adult rats were associated with nuclear PHH3 staining. In type I diabetic rats, the subpopulation of nestin(+)-VSMCs co-expressing nuclear PHH3 staining in the (Panel B) carotid artery and (Panel D) aortic arch was reduced and nestin/PHH3 co-staining of endothelial cells was also diminished. The arrow indicates the luminal side and the nucleus was identified by DAPI (blue fluorescence).

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