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Figure 1

From: Cardiac contractile function and mitochondrial respiration in diabetes-related mouse models

Figure 1

Food intake, weight gain and fat volume in the four groups of mice. (A) Cumulative food intake and (B) cumulative calorie intake over weeks of feeding. (C) Gain of weight compared to initial weight. Circle: ND/CITRATE, square: ND/STZ, triangle: HFD/CITRATE, diamond: HFD/STZ mice. Arrows indicate when streptozotocin (STZ) or citrate buffer were injected. (D) MRI images of abdominal region in ND/CITRATE, ND/STZ, HFD/CITRATE, HFD/STZ mice fed for 6 weeks. Arrows indicate subcutaneous and abdominal fat. Volume quantification of (E) subcutaneous and (F) abdominal fat. n = 8 per group, *p < 0.05 vs. ND/CITRATE mice.

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