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Figure 4

From: Antagonistic effect of TNF-alpha and insulin on uncoupling protein 2 (UCP-2) expression and vascular damage

Figure 4

Effect of anti-TNF-α pre-treatment on UCP-2 expression level in BATIRKO mice. (A) qRT-PCR analysis of UCP-2 mRNA expression in aorta from Control and BATIRKO mice and anti-TNF-α treated BATIRKO mice at 52 weeks of age. Spearman correlation between UCP-2 expression levels and TNF-α in the aorta (B), or with plasma insulin levels (C). Control 33 weeks (n = 12); Control 52 weeks (n = 12); BATIRKO 52 weeks (n = 8); BATIRKO 52 weeks + anti-TNF-α (n = 3). *p < 0.05 vs. Control; †p < 0.05 vs. 52-wk-old-BATIRKO mice.

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