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Figure 3

From: Sleep apnea predicts distinct alterations in glucose homeostasis and biomarkers in obese adults with normal and impaired glucose metabolism

Figure 3

Biomarker profiles associated with OSA in normal vs. impaired glucose metabolism. Figure 3A presents the correlations of LowSaO2 and ΔSaO2 with TNF-α level (solid diamond) in the control group of 15 women with normal glucose metabolism. Figure 3B displays the correlations of LowSaO2 and ΔSaO2 with IL-6 level (solid circle) and the correlations of IL-6 with BMI (solid square) and leptin-to-leptin receptor ratio (solid triangle) in the case group of 15 women with impaired glucose metabolism. The fitted curve represents a linear regression fit between the two variables. r = Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient; rho = Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.

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