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Figure 5

From: Rosiglitazone reverses endothelial dysfunction but not remodeling of femoral artery in Zucker diabetic fatty rats

Figure 5

The Kirchhoff stress- Green strain relationship of the femoral artery. A: The animals in different ages: lean rats (11 weeks of age and 19 weeks of age) and ZDF rats (11 weeks of age). There is no significant difference of stress-strain relationship among the three groups. B: The animals in different groups: age-matched lean rats (19 weeks of age), ZDF rats (19 weeks of age), and ZDF rats treated with Rosi. In 19 weeks of age, the stress-strain curve of ZDF rats was significantly shifted to left. The Rosi treatment did not reverse the mechanical properties of the arteries. * p < 0.05 indicates the statistical significance between groups using ANONA analysis. C: The elastic moduli at the pressure near physiological state. Lean: Zucker lean rats. ZDF: ZDF rats. Rosi: rosiglitazone treatment. 11w: 11 weeks of age. 19w: 19 weeks of age. * p < 0.05 indicates the statistical significance in comparison with lean rats using student t-test.

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