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Figure 4 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Figure 4

From: Rosiglitazone reverses endothelial dysfunction but not remodeling of femoral artery in Zucker diabetic fatty rats

Figure 4

The passive pressure-diameter relationship of the femoral artery. The vessel segment was fully relaxed in Ca2+ free PSS at 37°C. A: The animals in different ages: lean rats (11 weeks of age and 19 weeks of age) and ZDF rats (11 weeks of age). There is no significant difference of pressure-diameter relationship among the three groups. B: The animals in different groups: age-matched lean rats (19 weeks of age), ZDF rats (19 weeks of ages), and ZDF rats treated with Rosi. There is significant shift of diameter in ZDF rats at 19 weeks of age and Rosi treated ZDF rats in comparison with age-matched lean rats. Lean: Zucker lean rats. ZDF: ZDF rats. Rosi: rosiglitazone treatment. 11w: 11 weeks of age. 19w: 19 weeks of age. * p < 0.05 indicates the statistical significance between groups using ANONA analysis.

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