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Table 2 Allele frequencies of ADIPOR2 gene polymorphisms in the Greek population studied

From: Genetic variation in the adiponectin receptor 2 (ADIPOR2) gene is associated with coronary artery disease and increased ADIPOR2 expression in peripheral monocytes

Polymorphism Major/minor allele allele frequencies
rs10773980 C/T C/T C: 0.507, T: 0.492
rs1029629 C/T C/T C: 0.662, T: 0.338
rs767870 A/G A/G A: 0.801 G: 0.199,
rs16928751 G/A G/A G: 0.853, A: 0.147
I290I C/A C/A C: 0.889, A: 0.111
rs9805042 C/T C/T C: 0.632, T: 0.368
rs12342 C/T C/T C: 0.507, T: 0.493
rs1044771 C/T C/T C: 0.463, T: 0.537