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Figure 3

From: Genetic variation in the adiponectin receptor 2 (ADIPOR2) gene is associated with coronary artery disease and increased ADIPOR2 expression in peripheral monocytes

Figure 3

Diagrammatic representation of: (A) the genotyping results for rs767870 polymorphism of ADIPOR2 using the Allele Specific Primer Extension assay and the xMAP technology and (B) the detection of the relative ADIPOR2 mRNA levels using the real-time PCR assay. A. Bars represent the two alleles of the rs767870 polymorphism (G allele: blue bars, A allele: orange bars). The results show three different individuals: on the left, an individual homozygote for the A allele (AA genotype), in the centre, a heterozygote carrying both alleles (AG genotype) and on the right side, a homozygote for the G allele (GG genotype). B. A quantification analysis screen from a typical real-time PCR run, showing the fluorescence acquisition for the ADIPOR2 (green and black curves) and the β-actin (red and pink curves) mRNA levels on the y axis and the number of cycles on the x axis. Results are shown for two different individuals, a CAD (green and red curves) and a non-CAD individual (black and pink curves).

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