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Figure 1 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Figure 1

From: YKL-40 - an emerging biomarker in cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Figure 1

Kaplan-Meier-curves of the unadjusted cumulative overall survival according to increasing quartiles of YKL-40 at baseline (59.5 ng/ml). Curves presented from top: The mortality rate was 1) 7.6% for first quartile values of YKL-40 (≤ 39 ng/l); 2) 9.3% for second quartile values of YKL-40 (39.1-59.5 ng/l); 3) 18.5 % for third quartile values of YKL-40 (59.6-111 ng/l), and 4) 29.3 % for four quartile values of YK-40 (> 111 ng/l), p < 0.0001. Y-axis represents the lifetime of the participants during the 5 years follow-up period.

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