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Figure 2

From: Polyol pathway and modulation of ischemia-reperfusion injury in Type 2 diabetic BBZ rat hearts

Figure 2

Probing of the expression of aldose reductase (AR) (A) and sorbitol dehydrognease (SDH) (B) in hearts from 12 weeks diabetic BBZ and age matched non-diabetic littermate rat hearts using western blots. Expression of AR (C) and SDH (D) were also probed in hearts from 48 weeks diabetic BBZ and age matched non-diabetic littermates. Equal amounts of protein were subjected to Western blotting using anti-AR IgG (A) or anti-SDH IgG; blots were then stripped and reprobed using anti-β actin IgG. Representative blots for each of the groups is presented here. Six hearts per group were used in this study.

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