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Figure 3

From: Plasma levels of leptin, omentin, collagenous repeat-containing sequence of 26-kDa protein (CORS-26) and adiponectin before and after oral glucose uptake in slim adults

Figure 3

Specificity of the omentin antiserum and omentin in fasting plasma and plasma after glucose challenge. (A) In vitro translated omentin and a control protein were used to determine the specificity of the omentin antiserum. (B) Omentin was analyzed in the plasma of all probands and a representative result of the probands 1 to 4 after an overnight fast (0) and 2 h (2) after glucose uptake by immunoblot is shown. (C) Omentin in the plasma of women (F9, F10, F12, F17) and men (M4, M8, M11, M13, M14, M15, M18, M19, M20) was determined by immunoblot.

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