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Figure 1

From: Plasma levels of leptin, omentin, collagenous repeat-containing sequence of 26-kDa protein (CORS-26) and adiponectin before and after oral glucose uptake in slim adults

Figure 1

Leptin and adiponectin in fasting plasma and plasma after glucose challenge. (A) Leptin was determined in the plasma of 20 probands after an overnight fast and 2 h after glucose uptake by ELISA (B) Adiponectin was analyzed by non-denaturing SDS-PAGE (high-molecular weight, HMW) and denaturing SDS-PAGE (low-molecular weight, LMW) and a representative result after fasting (0) and 2 h (2) after glucose uptake is shown for probands 1 to 4. The molecular mass of standard proteins in kDa is indicated on the left side of the immunoblot.

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