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Table 5 Association between Pro197Leu of the GPx-1 gene and coronary artery calcium score (CACS)

From: Genetic association of glutathione peroxidase-1 with coronary artery calcification in type 2 diabetes: a case control study with multi-slice computed tomography

a) Genotype distribution of GPx-1    
CACS Pro/Pro Pro/Leu p value
0–999 65 15(18.8%) 0.045
1000 ≤ 6 5(45.5%)  
b) Allele distribution of GPx-1    
CACS Pro Leu p value
0–999 145 15(9.4%) 0.06
1000 ≤ 17 5 (22.7%)  
  1. Results of the case-control analysis for the allele and genotype frequencies of the GPx-1 gene. Genotype (a) and allele (b) frequencies were analyzed in the case-control study based on the HWE (De Finetti program). a) Analysis for the GPx-1 gene showed that the genotype frequency of Pro/Leu in those with CACS (≥ 1000) was significantly higher than that in those with CACS (0–999) and this association was confirmed by testing for deviation from Hardy-Weinberg's equilibrium (OR = 3.61; CI = 0.97–13.42; p = 0.045). b) The allele frequency of Leu in patients with CACS (≥ 1000) was also higher than that in those with CACS (0–999) and a trend for genetic association was appeared when testing for deviation from HWE (OR = 2.84; CI = 0.92–8.8; p = 0.06).