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Table 2 Study Outline

From: Rationale and protocol of a trial for prevention of diabetic atherosclerosis by using antiplatelet drugs: study of Diabetic Atherosclerosis Prevention by Cilostazol (DAPC study)

Target number of patients: 408 patients  
Study Design: Randomization Aspirin group (81–100 mg/day; Group A)
Cilostazol group (100–200 mg/day; Group C)
Follow-up: 2-year prospective follow-up study  
Primary endpoints:  
   IMT*: Variation of right and left max IMT-CCA and mean IMT-CCA  
Secondary endpoints:  
   IMT*: Variation of right and left max IMT-ICA  
  1. *Variation is measured by the IMT Evaluation Committee by using a diagnostic software application called IntimaScope® while the allocations are blinded.