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Figure 10

From: Saturated free fatty acids and apoptosis in microvascular mesangial cells: palmitate activates pro-apoptotic signaling involving caspase 9 and mitochondrial release of endonuclease G

Figure 10

Oleate prevents mitochondrial release of cytochrome-c and endonuclease G in cell treated with palmitate. (A) HMC were incubated with 0.2 mM palmitate (Palm), 0.2 mM oleate (Ole), or palmitate plus oleate for the times indicated. The cells were fractionated and the levels of cytoplasmic p14 kDa cytochrome-c (Cyto-c) or p33 kDa endonuclease G (Endo-G) protein were measured by Western blotting. Equivalent amounts of protein were added to each lane, as confirmed by reprobing with β-actin. (B) Densitometry of cytoplasmic p14 kDa cytochrome-c and p33 kDa endonuclease G protein from 3 independent experiments. **, P < 0.01, *, P < 0.05 by ANOVA versus 0 time.

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