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Figure 4

From: Endothelial cell injury by high glucose and heparanase is prevented by insulin, heparin and basic fibroblast growth factor

Figure 4

Heparinase I Induced PAECs Injury was Prevented by Insulin and/or Heparin. PAECs were treated with heparinase I (0.3 U/ml) and/or insulin (1 U/ml) and/or heparin (0.5 μ g/ml) for 48 hrs in serum free medium 199, then cells were counted and media LDH was determined. Insulin and/or heparin were added immediately after heparinase I addition. All reagents were only added once. Results are expressed as mean +/- SE of three dishes per group. Significantly different than a, control; b, heparinase I; c, heparinase I+heparin; d, heparinase I+insulin (P < 0.005) (one-way ANOVA).

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