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Figure 2

From: Isolated low high density lipoprotein-cholesterol (HDL-C): implications of global risk reduction. Case report and systematic scientific review

Figure 2

The Atherosclerotic Kitchen Sink. This image portrays the importance of the HDL-C drain in maintaining a certain level of atherogenic lipoproteins within the arterial vessel wall to prevent accumulation and the undesirable possibility of an acute event with overflow or acute coronary syndromes. This simple analogy of homeostasis points to an important concept: That being the frequent need for combination therapy in order to control the various components of the atherogenic lipoprofile. Isolated low HDL-C is certainly a red flag regarding the development of atherosclerosis and CHD and additionally the elevation of low HDL-C levels may have a DRANO-LIKE effect to open a clogged drain in an atherosclerotic arterial vessel wall.

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