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Figure 2

From: Arterial heparan sulfate is negatively associated with hyperglycemia and atherosclerosis in diabetic monkeys

Figure 2

Identification of GAG by agarose electrophoresis. Upper panel shows separation of GAG standards and representative samples on 0.5% agarose, at 150 volts, 2 hours in 0.05 M 1,3, diaminopropane, pH 9.0. GAG were stained with 0.1% toluidine blue, 0.1% alcian blue. Lower panel shows densitometric scans of stained GAG bands after electrophoretic separation. Lanes 1–3 contained a mixture of equal amounts as shown of standard GAG. Lanes 4–6 show representative samples. HS, heparan sulfate; DS, dermatan sulfate; CS chondroitin sulfate.

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