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Figure 1

From: An interaction between the interleukin-6 -174G>C gene variant and urinary protein excretion influences plasma oxidative stress in subjects with type 2 diabetes

Figure 1

Plasma TAOS by genotype and urinary protein excretion in subjects free from CVD. Footnote: Mean (± standard error) shown. Numbers of subjects are shown at the base of each column. In those without CVD, the interaction between genotype (GG v GC/CC) and urinary protein excretion in determining plasma TAOS was significant (p = 0.032). *In the GC/CC subjects, there was a significant difference in plasma TAOS by urinary protein excretion (normoalbuminuria/ microalbuminuria/proteinuria), ANOVA between groups p = 0.025 (as expected the linear association in TAOS between these groups was significant p = 0.008 with normoalbuminuric subjects having the highest TAOS and those with proteinuria the lowest). In GG Subjects no such difference was observed, (ANOVA between groups, p = 0.399)

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