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Table 2 The 10-point process of Angiogenesis:

From: Vasa vasorum in plaque angiogenesis, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and atheroscleropathy: a malignant transformation

(See FIGURE 4)
1. Endothelial cell activation and Proliferation.
2. Local Vasodilatation.
3. Increased vascular permeability.
4. Accumulation of extravascular fibrin* PAI-1
5. Proteolytic degradation of basement membrane. MMP-9 MMP-2
6. Thin cytoplasmic processes are extended from the endothelial cell.
7. Directed migration into surrounding ECM toward the Angiogenic Stimulus (IPH or Ischemia).
8. E. Cells. elongate and align to form a capillary Sprout.
9. E. Cell. Division proximal to the migrating tip.
10. Reconstitution of the basement membrane.
   • PAI-1 inhibits fibrinolysis.
   • PAI-1 inhibits uPA and tPA and PLASMIN production:
   • PAI-1 inhibits the conversion of latent MMPs to active MMPs
   • THUS interfering with remodeling and arteriogenesis