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Figure 4

From: Vasa vasorum in plaque angiogenesis, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and atheroscleropathy: a malignant transformation

Figure 4

Plaque angiogenesis induced in MS, PD, and T2DM. Angiogenesis within the unstable atherosclerotic plaque: In health the vasa vasorum usually has a single vessel that runs parallel to each side of the epicardial artery being nourished with occasional interconnecting conduits from one side of the artery to the other. In this image, the native parallel adventitial vasa vasorum (in black) can be differentiated from the red neovascularization of the intima and media. The unstable, vulnerable plaques are associated with a malignant like invasion of the intima-media by adventitial derived vasa vasorum fragile vessels, which are prone to rupture resulting in intraplaque hemorrhage. These intraplaque hemorrhages accelerate plaque vulnerability and are associated with plaque rupture and acute coronary events.

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