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Table 2 The positve protective effects of eNOS

From: Is type 2 diabetes mellitus a vascular disease (atheroscleropathy) with hyperglycemia a late manifestation? The role of NOS, NO, and redox stress.

1. Promotes vasodilatation of vascular smooth muscle.
2. Counteracts smooth muscle cell proliferation.
3. Decreases platelet adhesiveness.
4. Decreases adhesiveness of the endothelial layer to WBCs "Teflon effect".
5. Anti-inflammatory.
6. Anti-oxidant. It scavenges reactive oxygen species, locally. Acts as a chain – breaking antioxidant to scavenge ROS.
7. Anti-fibrotic. When NO is normal or elevated MMPs are low and conversely if NO is low MMPs are elevated and active.
8. NO has diverse anti-atherosclerotic actions on the arterial vessel wall: including antioxidant effects by direct scavenging of ROS – RNS acting as chain breaking antioxidants.