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Table 3 Precision and discrimination of nonfasting TG, TRL-C, and atherogenic dyslipidemia ratios expressed as between-subject Standard Deviations (SD u ), global within subject Standard Deviation (SD w ), Discriminant Ratio (DR), and measured Pearson’s correlation coefficients between pairs of variables [adjusted for attenuation]

From: Novel unbiased equations to calculate triglyceride-rich lipoprotein cholesterol from routine non-fasting lipids

  SDu SDw DR CIs p Pearson’s coefficient
log[TG] 0.161 0.171 0.94 [0.72-1.19] 0.5604 0.92 [1.00]
TRL-C 15.20 18.06 0.84 [0.61-1.09]
log[TG]/HDL-C 0.0198 0.0195 1.01 [0.79-1.27] 0.0482 0.89 [1.00]
TRL-C/apoA-I 0.138 0.210 0.65 [0.40-0.90]
  1. Values from nonfasting results of individual tests and means of their duplicates in 120 type 2 diabetes patients, with [2.5 - 97.5%] confidence intervals (CIs) for DR’s. Apo apolipoprotein, C cholesterol, HDL high-density lipoprotein, TG triglycerides, TRL TG-rich lipoprotein. P values represented the significancies of the differences between DRs of each pair of variables. For correlation between estimates, values were obtained from the mean of different measurements performed on separate days.