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Table 6 Measurements of association and canonical correlation between macronutrients plus adiposity and echocardiographic indicators

From: Extensive impact of saturated fatty acids on metabolic and cardiovascular profile in rats with diet-induced obesity: a canonical analysis

Variables Canonical coefficients
Macronutrients and Body Adiposity Protein −0.2942
Sucrose 0.6503
Saturated fatty acids 19.4472
Unsaturated fatty acids −20.1836
Body adiposity 0.0774
Echocardiographic indicators Heart rate 0.0253
LVESd −0.1195
Ejection fraction 0.6441
EFS 0.7212
Left ventricle mass −0.0560
E/A −0.0002
LVDT/LVEDd 0.1890
PWSV −0.0037
IVRT −0.0126
EDT 0.1017
Canonical correlation coefficient 0.9870 (p < 0.05)
  1. LVESd: left ventricular end-systolic diameter; EFS: endocardium fraction shortening; E/A: ratio between the E and A waves evaluated in transmitral flow; LVDT/LVEDd: ratio between diastolic thickness and end-diastolic diameter of the left ventricle; PWSV: posterior wall shortening velocity; IVRT: isovolumetric relaxation time; EDT: E-wave deceleration time.