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Table 1 Checklist of diabetes symptomatic score

From: Effects of sitagliptin beyond glycemic control: focus on quality of life

1 Are you often thirsty?
2 Do you produce urine frequently?
3 Are you worried about urinary smell?
4 Do you feel numbness of your extremities?
5 Do you have edema in your legs?
6 Do you have cramps in your legs?
7 Are you insensitive to the pain of a small wound or burn?
8 Do you have a feeling of listlessness?
9 Do you feel lightheaded?
10 Is your vision blurry? Is your eyesight getting worse?
  1. Diabetes Symptomatic Score is used to measure the grade of ten diabetic symptoms. Patients with a high score have worsening of diabetic symptoms.
  2. None: 0 point, Rare: 1 point, Sometimes: 2 points, Frequent: 3 points, Always: 4 points. Maximum: 40 points.