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Table 1 Demographic, anthropometric, body composition, laboratory and clinical characteristics of participants at baseline

From: Cardiovascular risk escalation with caloric excess: a prospective demonstration of the mechanics in healthy adults

AGE (years) 28.3(1.12) hs CRP (mg/L) 1.2(0.26)
GENDER (M/F) 11M/3F Leptin (ng/ml) 13.0(16.1)
RACE (C/AA) 8C/6AA Adiponectin (μg/ml) 4.6(2.4)
BMI (kg/m2) 25.6(0.65) FPG (mg/dL) 90.6(1.72)
WC (cm) 82.5(2.15) FI (μU/ml) 4.7(0.99)
FAT MASS (kg) 15.3(1.81) HOMA-IR 1.1(0.22)
LEAN MASS (kg) 56.7(3.27) SBP (mm Hg) 110.6(2.5)
VAT (L) 0.5(0.18) DBP (mm Hg) 67.8(1.5)
IHL (L) 0.005(0.001) PP (mm Hg) 42.9(2.6)
ALT (IU/L) 20.1(1.53) HR (bpm) 70.3(2.3)
SAT CELL SIZE (ρL) 0.59(0.09) EF (RHI) 2.24(0.09)
  1. MEAN(SEM), BMI Body Mass Index, WC Waist Circumference, VAT Visceral Adipose Tissue, IHL Intrahepatic lipid, ALT Alanine transaminase, SAT Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue, FPG Fasting Plasma Glucose, FI Fasting insulin, HOMA-IR Homeostasis Model of Assessment-Insulin Resistance, SBP Sytolic Blood Pressure, DBP Diastolic Blood Pressure, PP Pulse Pressure, HR Heart Rate, EF Endothelial Function.