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Figure 4 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Figure 4

From: Mesenchymal stem cell transplantation for the infarcted heart: therapeutic potential for insulin resistance beyond the heart

Figure 4

Cardiac mitochondrial function and characteristics. (a) Peri-infarct permeabilized cardiac fiber basal oxygen consumption supported by glutamate, malate and pyruvate (V0), maximal oxygen consumption (ADP-stimulated) supported by glutamate, malate and pyruvate through complex I (VMAX-CI) and maximal convergent oxygen flux supported by glutamate, malate, pyruvate and succinate (VMAX-CI+CII). n = 8-9 mice per group. (b) Respiratory control ratio (RCR; defined as VMAX-CI/V0). n = 8-9 mice per group. (c) Peri-infarct citrate synthase activity (CSA) (mmol/min/mg protein). n = 8-9 mice per group. (d) Remote Left ventricle and (e) peri-infarct mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) complexes I-V (CI-CV) and uncoupling protein 3 (UCP3) as determined by immunoblotting. (f) Representative immunoblotting of the regional protein levels OXPHOS complexes I-V and UCP3. Cardiac protein was normalized to glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) content and expressed relative to the SHAM group. n = 6 mice per group. Data are mean ± S.E.M. *p < 0.05 vs. SHAM. †p < 0.05 vs. MI + PBS.

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