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Table 5 Effect of ischemic postconditioning in patients with acute myocardial infarction

From: Effects of diabetes on myocardial infarct size and cardioprotection by preconditioning and postconditioning

First author % of DM Age Protocol Results
     ST resolution LV function Enzyme release Infarct size
Ischemic PostC
Staat 20 vs. 13 58 vs. 56 4x 60sR/I Improved N/A Reduced (peak, AUC) N/A
Laskey N/A 58 vs. 58 2x 90sR/I Improved N/A Nochange (peak) N/A
Ma 38 vs. 45 64 vs. 64 3x 30sR/I N/A Improved WMSI Reduced (peak) N/A
Yang 26 vs. 28 59 vs. 63 3x 30sR/I No change No change Reduced (AUC) Reduced (SPECT, 1w)
Thibault 12 vs. 10 56 vs. 56 4x 60sR/I N/A Improved EF, WMSI Reduced (AUC) Reduced (SPECT, 6m)
Laskey 38 vs. 42 60 vs. 58 2x 90sR/I Improved No change Reduced (peak) N/A
Xue 21 vs. 29 54 vs. 62 4x 60sR/I Improved Improved EF, WMSI Reduced (peak, AUC) Reduced (SPECT, 1w)
Lønborg 7 vs. 7 61 vs. 62 4x 30sR/I No change No change N/A Reduced (CMR, 3m)
Sörensson 25 vs. 17 63 vs. 62 4x 60sR/I N/A No change *1 No change (AUC) No change (CMR, 1w) *1
Freixa 23 vs. 17 59 vs. 60 4x 60sR/I N/A No change No change (peak) No change (CMR, 1w & 6m)
Tarantini 18 vs. 3 60 vs. 60 4x 60sR/I No change No change No change (AUC) No change (CMR, 1m)
  1. DM diabetes mellitus, MBG myocardial blush grade, CF coronary flow, WMSI wall motion score index, EF ejection fraction, AUC area under the curve, MACE major adverse cardiac events, SPECT single photon emission computed tomography, CMR cardiovascular magnetic resonance, w week, m month;
  2. *1 Improved by postconditioning with large area at risk.