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Table 3 P-values for Goeman’s global test, testing the statistical significance of associations of waist circumference and insulin resistance SNPs with metabolic syndrome and related features

From: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) involved in insulin resistance, weight regulation, lipid metabolism and inflammation in relation to metabolic syndrome: an epidemiological study

Group of SNPs MetS MetS-score WC (cm) HbA1C (%) Log (TG) (mmol/L) HDL (mmol/L) SBP (mm HG) DBP (mm HG) Log (CRP) (mmol/L)
n 1886 1886 1886 1864 1 1886 1886 1684 3 1684 3 1683 2
WC 4 P=0.03 P=0.08 P=0.01 P=0.73 P=0.81 P=0.36 P=0.29 P=0.11 P=0.22
Adj WC P=0.16 P=0.80 - P=0.47 P=0.55 P=0.09 P=0.36 P=0.34 P=0.68
IR P=0.06 P=0.003 P=0.45 P=0.04 P=0.0003 P=0.0005 P=0.07 P=0.16 P=0.16
Adj HbA1C P=0.12 P=0.01 P=0.70 - P=0.0005 P=0.0008 P=0.10 P=0.22 P=0.17
  1. All analyses are adjusted for age, sex and cohort; Mets Metabolic syndrome, WC waist circumference, TG triglycerides, HDL HDL-cholesterol, HbA1C haemoglobin A1c, SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, Adj, adjusted, IR insulin resistance.
  2. 1Subjects which are using glucose lowering medication are excluded.
  3. 2Subjects with CRP > 10 mmol/L are excluded.
  4. 3Subjects with blood pressure lowering medication are excluded.
  5. 4Data available in 853 women.