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Table 6 Relationship of plasma concentrations of Lp(a)-C to HDL-C before and after adjustments for other plasma lipoproteins (n = 121)

From: Lp(a)-cholesterol is associated with HDL-cholesterol in overweight and obese African American children and is not an independent risk factor for CVD

  Independent variables
  Standardized regression coefficients with Lp(a) as dependent variable2
IV 0.450***      
V 0.411*** 0.093     
VI 0.424***   -0.135    
VII 0.442***    -0.070   
VIII 0.440***     0.114  
IX 0.428***      -0.121
  1. 1Regression analyses were performed for models that included the covariates (child age, gender, pubertal stage and waist circumference), and with HDL-C entered alone (model IV) or with one of the other independent lipoprotein variables of interest (models V-IX)
  2. 2Significance: *** for p ≤ 0.001
  3. Abbreviations: Total cholesterol: TC, High density lipoprotein cholesterol: HDL-C, Very low density lipoprotein cholesterol: VLDL-C, Intermediate density lipoprotein cholesterol: IDL-C, Low density lipoprotein cholesterol: LDL-C, Triglycerides: TAG, Lp(a) cholesterol: Lp(a)-C