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Table 3 The relations between plasma OPG and the prevalence of significant CAD as defined by abnormal MPI and/or stenosis on CAG.

From: Osteoprotegerin and coronary artery disease in type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria

Parameter OR 95% CI p-value
Study population as a whole (n = 200) 'Significant CAD'
   Unadjusted OPG (2rd tertile vs. 1st) 2.74 1.23-6.10 0.013
   Unadjusted OPG (3rd tertile vs. 1st) 4.24 1.93-9.31 0.0001
   Adjusted OPG (2rd tertile vs. 1st) 3.51 1.39-8.86 0.008
   Adjusted OPG (3rd tertile vs. 1st) 3.54 1.36-9.21 0.010
  1. Odds ratios (ORs) were assessed by logistic regression in univariate and multivariable analyses.
  2. Covariate adjustments included variables associated with significant CAD in univariate analysis (p < 0.05), including P-total cholesterol, P-creatinine, peripheral systolic blood pressure, vibratory perception threshold and heart rate variability.