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Figure 1

From: Effect of silibinin on endothelial dysfunction and ADMA levels in obese diabetic mice

Figure 1

Plasma, aorta and liver ADMA levels. (A) Plasma ADMA was higher in db/db mice than lean controls and was significantly decreased by silibinin administration. (B) Aorta ADMA was similarly higher in untreated db/db mice and was markedly decreased in mice treated with silibinin. (C) Liver ADMA was increased in the silibinin group. (D) Plasma and aorta ADMA levels exhibited a positive correlation (r2=0.95, P<0.0001). (E, F) Liver ADMA levels were inversely related to both plasma ADMA (r2=0.66, P<0.01) and aorta ADMA (r2=0.69, P<0.01). **P < 0.01 versus db/m + vehicle; ††P < 0.01 versus db/db + vehicle.

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