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Table 1 Oligonucleotide sequences and expected PCR product sizes

From: Changes in cardiac heparan sulfate proteoglycan expression and streptozotocin-induced diastolic dysfunction in rats

Oligonucleotide sequence Product length (bp)
Glypican [28] sense: 5' TTG GCA GTG TGC ATA TGT G 3' 700
  anti sense: 5' GTG AAC AGG AAG AGC AGA AAG 3'  
Syndecan-4 [29] sense: 5' CGA GAG ACT GAG GTC ATA G 3' 471
  anti sense: 5' TCG TAA CTG CCT TCA TCC 3'  
ß-actin [30] sense: 5' ATC ATG TTT GAG ACC TTC AAC AC 3' 890
  anti sense: 5' TCT GCG CAA GTT AGG TTT TGT C 3'