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Figure 5 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Figure 5

From: Nicorandil prevents endothelial dysfunction due to antioxidative effects via normalisation of NADPH oxidase and nitric oxide synthase in streptozotocin diabetic rats

Figure 5

Effect of nicorandil on ROS production induced by high-glucose treatment in HCAECs. HCAECs were exposed to high glucose (35.6 mM) for 24 h, and nicorandil (100 µM) for the same period. Representative images show DCF fluorescence in control (A), high-glucose treatment (B) and high-glucose + nicorandil (C). High-glucose treatment increased ROS production, which was prevented by nicorandil (D). *p < 0.05 vs control, #p < 0.05 vs high-glucose (20 cells/dish from 3 dishes). Scale bar = 100 µm.

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