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Table 2 Atherosclerosis promoting effects of AGEs: Receptor Mediated Mechanisms

From: How hyperglycemia promotes atherosclerosis: molecular mechanisms

Promoting inflammation

   Secretion of cytokines such as TNF-α, IL-1 [74].

   Chemotactic stimulus for monocyte-macrophages [37, 38]

Induction of cellular proliferation

   Stimulation of PDGF [37] and IGF-I [40] secretion from monocytes and possibly SMC.

Endothelial dysfunction

   Increased permeability of EC monolayers [34, 35]

   Increased procoagulant activity [35]

   Increased expression of adhesion molecules [33]

   Increased Intracellular oxidative stress [31, 34]

  1. IGF-I = Insulin-like growth factor I; IL-1 = Interleukin-1; PDGF = Platelet-derived growth factor; TNF-α = Tumor necrosis factor-α.